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Commercial Package Units

Package units are installed in most commercial applications because they are the most economical to install. Package units are self-contained and come in variety of sizes and voltages to match any application. Warehouse, big-box retail or any application that required short duct runs are idea for package systems.

Commercial Split Systems

Commercial split systems are used in applications where the package unit is not an option. Mall, multi-use retail and any application that would require long duct runs are idea for a commercial split system. These systems come in a variety of sizes and voltages.

Exhaust Systems / Make-up Air Units

Exhaust systems are designed to remove unwanted air from a building. These systems work in conjunction with a make-up air unit that supply the building with outside air to “make-up” the air lost through the exhaust. Make-up air can be conditioned or unconditioned air depending on the application.

Commercial Duct

Collins Indoor Air Solutions will perform commercial duct installation for most commercial applications. Call and schedule an appointment to review your commercial project.

Unit Heaters

Unit heaters are an economical way to heat large spacing. These units are typically use in warehouse applications. They are installed near the ceiling in most applications and only require a single exhaust duct and the gas supply piping. The unit is typically controlled by a standard t-stat near the unit.

Testing and Balancing

Airflow testing, airflow balancing require expensive tools and expert knowledge. We understand airflow dynamics and can test a building to ensure that the airflow matches design. The proper airflow is essential to all aspects of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and indoor air quality. One example we like use to showcase the importance of air is; “A 10-Ton unit that delivers 5- Tons of airflow is 5-ton unit.”

Startup and Warranty

Collins Indoor Air Solutions will perform a complete start-up inspection on all new installations and handle any warranty claims. Documentation is important to the completion of any project. Checklist, punch-out list or inspections are typically used to guarantee the customer that the installation was completed statisfactorly. We also perform 3rd party inspection to assure the customer that what is promised is delivered.


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