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Vacuum: Pressure below atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum Pump: Special high efficiency compressor used for creating high vacuums

Valve: Device used for controlling fluid flow

Valve Plate: Part of compressor located between top of compressor body and head which contains compressor valves

Vapor Barrier: Thin plastic or metal foil sheet used to prevent water vapor from penetrating insulating material

Variable Pitch Pulley: Pulley which can be adjusted to provide different pulley ratios

V-Belt: Type of drive belt

Velocimeter: Instrument used to measure air velocities

Velocity Pressure: The pressure exerted in direction of flow

Vent Gases: Products of combustion

Ventilation: The introduction of outdoor air into a building by mechanical means

Viscosity: Measure of a fluids ability to flow

Volt: The unit of electrical potential or pressure

Voltage Relay: One that functions at a predetermined voltage value

Volumetric Efficiency: Ratio of the actual performance of a compressor and calculated performance

VOM: A meter that measures voltage and resistance (ohms)

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