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Tank less Water Heater: An indirect water heater designed to operate without a hot water storage tank

Tap (screw thread): Tool used to cut internal threads

Temperature: Degree of hotness or coldness as measured by a thermometer

Terminal Units: Radiators, convectors, baseboard, unit heaters, finned tube, etc.

Therm: A unit of heat having a value of 100,000 Btu

Thermal Conductivity: The ability of a material to transmit heat

Thermal Resistance: The resistance a material offers to the transmission of heat

Thermistor: A semiconductor which has electrical resistance that varies with temperature

Thermocouple: Device which generates electricity, using principle that if two dissimilar metals are welded together and junction is heated, a voltage will develop across open ends.

Thermoelectric Refrigeration: A refrigerator mechanism which depends on Pelletier effect

Thermometer: Device for measuring temperatures

Thermopile: A pilot generator

Thermostat: Switch responsive to temperatures

Thermostatic Expansion Valve: A valve operated by temperature and pressure within evaporator coil

Throttling: Expansion of gas through orifice

Ton: Refrigerating effect equal to the melting of one tone of ice in 24 hours.

Torque: Turning or twisting force

Torque Wrenches: Wrenches which may be used to measure torque applied

Total Pressure: Also called impact pressure. The sum of the velocity pressure and the static pressure

Transformer: A device designed to change voltage

Turbulent Flow: The movement of a liquid or vapor in a pipe in a constantly churning and mixing fashion

Turndown: The ratio of maximum to minimum input rates

Two Pipe System: A hot water heating system using one pipe from the boiler to supply heated water to the terminal units, and a second pipe to return the water from the terminal units back to the boiler

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