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Odorant: A substance added to an otherwise odorless, colorless and tasteless gas to give warning of gas leakage and to aid in leak detection

Off Cycle: That part of a refrigeration cycle when the system is not operating

Ohm: A unit of resistance

Oil Binding: Physical condition when an oil layer on top of refrigerant liquid hinders it from evaporating at its normal pressure-temperature condition

Oil Rings: Expanding rings mounted in grooves and piston; designed to prevent oil from moving into compression

Oil Separator: A device used to separate refrigerant oil from refrigerant gas and return the oil to crankcase of compressor

One-Pipe Fitting: A specially designed tee for use in a one-pipe system to connect the supply or return branch into a circuit

One-Pipe System: A forced hot-water system using one continuous pipe or main from the boiler supply to the boiler return

Open Compressor: One with a separate motor or drive

Orifice: Accurate size opening for controlling fluid flow

Orifice Spud: A removable plug containing an orifice which determines the quantity of gas that will flow

Oscilloscope: A fluorescent coated tube which visually shows an electrical wave

Outside Air: Air exterior to refrigerated or conditioned space

Overload: Load greater than load for which system or mechanism was intended.

Overload Protector: A device which will stop operation of unit if dangerous conditions arise.

Ozone: A gaseous form of oxygen (O3)

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