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National Electrical Code: Abv. NEC. A code of electrical rules based on fire underwriters requirements for interior electric wiring.

Natural Convection: Circulation of a gas or liquid due to difference in density resulting from temperature differences.

Natural Gas: Any gas found in the earth, as opposed to gases which are manufactured

Needle Valve: A valve used to accurately control very low flow rates of fluids

Neoprene: A synthetic rubber which is resistant to hydrocarbon oil and gas

Nominal Size Tubing: Tubing measurement which has an inside diameter the same as iron pipe of the same stated size

Noncondensible Gas: Gas which does not change into a liquid at operating temperatures and pressures.

Nonferrous: Group of metals and metal alloys which contain no iron; also metals other than iron or steel. In heating systems the principal non-ferrous metals are copper and aluminum.

Normally Closed: Switch contacts closed with the circuit deenrgized

Normally Open: Switch contacts open with the circuit deenergized

Nozzle: The device on the end of the oil fuel pipe used to from the oil into fine droplets by forcing the oil through a small hole to cause the oil to breakup

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