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Magnetic Field: The space in which a magnetic force exists.

Make-Up Air: The air which is supplied to a building to replace air that has been removed by an exhaust system

Make-Up Water: The water required to replace the water lost from a cooling tower by evaporation, drift, and bleed off.

Male Thread: A thread on the outside of a pipe or fitting

Manifold Gauge: A device constructed to hold compound and high pressure gauges and valve to control flow of fluids through it

Manometer: Instrument for measuring pressure of gases and vapors

Mass: A quantity of matter cohering together to make one body which is usually of indefinite shape

Mean Temperature Difference: The average temperature between the temperature before process begins and the temperature after process is completed

Mechanical Cycle: Cycle which is a repetitive series of mechanical events

Mega: Prefix for one million; e.g., megohm- one million ohms.

Megohm: 1,000,000 ohms of electrical resistance

Melting Point: Temperature at atmospheric pressure, at which a substance will melt

Mecraptan: An odorant that gives natural gas its characteristic odor

Mercoid Bulb: An electrical circuit switch which uses a small quantity of mercury in a sealed glass tube to make or break electrical contact with terminals within the tube

Meter: Metric unit of linear measurement

Methane: A hydrocarbon gas with the formula CH4, the principal component of natural gases.

MFD: abv. For micro farad

Micro: A combining form denoting one millionth

Microfarad: the unit of measurement for capacitance, equal to a millionth of a farad

Micron: Unit of length in metric system; a thousandth; example millivolt, one thousandth of a volt

Modulating: a type of device or control which tends to adjust by increments (minute changes) rather than by either full on or full off operation

Moisture Indicator: Instrument used to measure moisture content of a refrigerant

Molecule: The smallest portion of an element or compound which retains the identity and characteristics of the element or compound.

Mollier Diagram: Graph of refrigerant pressure, heat, and temperature properties.

Motor Burnout: Condition in which the insulation of electric motor has deteriorated by overheating.

Motor Control: Device to start and/or stop a motor at certain temperature or pressure condition

Mullion: Stationary part of a structure between two doors.

Multimeter: A volt-ohm meter

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