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Latent Heat: Heat Characterized by a change of state of the substance concerned

Limit Control: Control used to open or close electrical circuits as temperature or pressure limits are reached

Line Voltage: Voltage existing at wall outlets or terminals of a power line system above 30V

Liquefied Petroleum Gases: The term “Liquefied Petroleum Gases, “ “LPG,” and “LP Gas” mean and include any fuel gas which is composed predominantly of any of the following hydrocarbons, or mixtures of them: propane, propylene, normal butane or isobutene and or isobutene and butylenes.

Liquid Nitrogen: Nitrogen in liquid form

Liquid Receiver: Cylinder connected to condenser outlet for storage of liquid refrigerant in a system

Liter: Metric unit of volume

LNG: Liquefied natural gas. Natural gas which has been cooled until it becomes a liquid

Load: A device that converts electrical energy to another form of usable energy

Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA): The amount of energy a motor will draw under stalled conditions

Lock-Out Relay: A control scheme that prevents the restarting of a compressor after a safety control opens, even after the safety control resets itself.

Louvers: Sloping, overlapping boards or metal plates intended to permit ventilation and shed falling water

Low Pressure Cut-Out: Device used to keep low side evaporating pressure from dropping below certain pressure.

Low Side: That portion of a refrigerating system which is under the lowest evaporating pressure.

Low Voltage Control: Controls designed to operate at voltages of 20 to 30 V.

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