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Idler: A pulley used on some belt drives to provide the proper belt tension

Ignition Temperature: The minimum temperature at which combustion can be started

Ignition Transformer: A transformer designed to provide a high voltage current. Used in many heating systems to ignite fuel

Impedence: A type of electrical resistance that is only present in alternating current circuits

Impeller: Rotating part of a centrifugal pump.

Induced Draft Burner: A burner which depends on draft induced by a fan or blower at the flue outlet to draw in combustion air and vent flue gases

Inductance: The characteristic of an alternating current circuit to oppose a change in current flow

Induction: The act that produces induced voltage in an object by exposure to a magnetic field

Induction Motor: AC motor which operates on principle of rotating magnetic field. Rotor has no electrical connection, but receives electrical energy by transformer action from field windings

Inductive Load: A device that uses electrical energy to produce motion

Inductive Reactance: Opposition, Measured in ohms, to an alternating or pulsating current

Inerts: Non-combustible substances in a fuel, or in flue gases, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide

Infiltration: The air that leaks into the refrigerated or air conditioned space.

Infrared Lamp: An electrical device which emits infrared rays; invisible rays just beyond red in the visible spectrum.

In Phase: The condition existing when two waves of the same frequency have their maximum and minimum values of like polarity at the same instant

Insulation, Thermal: Substance used to retard or slow flow of heat through wall or partition

Interlock: A safety device that allows power to a circuit only after a predetermined function has take place.

IR Drop: Voltage drop resulting from current flow through a resistor

Isothermal: At constant temperature

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