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Galvanic: Current generated chemically, which results when tow dissimilar conductors are immersed in an electrolyte. Ferent electronic activity

Gang: Mechanical connection of two or more switches.

Gasket: A resilient material used between mating surfaces to provide a leak proof seal.

Gas-Noncondensible: A gas which will not form into a liquid under pressure-temperature conditions.

Generator: A machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. (Also see Alternator)

Gravity System: A heating system in which the distribution of the warm air or water relies upon the buoyancy of that air or water. There is no fan or pump.

Grille: An ornamental or louvered opening placed at the end of an air passageway

Gross Output: A rating applied to boilers. It is the total quantity of heat which the boiler will deliver and at the same time meet all limitations of applicable testing and rating codes.

Ground: Connection between an electrical circuit and earth.

Ground Wire: An electrical wire which will safely conduct electricity from a structure into the ground

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