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Fahrenheit: The common scale of temperature measurement in the English system of units.

Fan-Coil: A terminal unit consisting of a finned-tube coil and a fan in a single enclose.

Farad: A large unit of measurement for capacitance

Feedback: The transfer of energy output back to input

Female Thread: A thread on the inside of a pipe or fitting

Ferrous: Objects make of iron or steel

Field: The space involving the magnetic lines of force

Filter: Device for removing small particles from a fluid

Fin comb: Comb-like device used to straighten the metal fins on coils

Fire Tube Boiler: A steel boiler in which the hot gases from combustion are circulated through tubes which are surrounded by water

Flare: An angle formed at the end of a tube

Flare Nut: Fitting used to clamp tubing flare against another fitting

Flashback: The movement of the gas flame down through the burner port upon shutdown of the gas supply

Flash Gas: Gas formed by a sudden reduction in pressure

Flash Point: Temperature at which oil will give off sufficient vapor to support a flash flame

Float Valve: Type of valve which is operated by sphere which floats on liquid surface and controls level of liquid

Floc Point: The temperature at which the wax in oil will start to separate from the oil.

Flooded system: Type of refrigerating system in which liquid refrigerant fills evaporator

Flow Switch: An automatic switch that senses fluid flow

Flue: A passage in the chimney to carry flue gas

Flue Gases: Products of combustion and excess air

Fluid: Substance in a liquid or gaseous state

Flux-Brazing, Soldering: Substance applied to surfaces to be joined to free them from oxides

Flux (Electrical): The electric or magnetic lines of force in a region

Flux, Magnetic: Lines of force of a magnet

Foaming: Formation of a foam in an oil-refrigerant mixture due to rapid evaporation of refrigerant dissolved in the oil.

Foot of water: A measure of pressure

Foot Pound: A unit of work

Forced Convection: Transfer of heat resulting from forced movement of liquid or gas by means of fan or pump

Forced Draft Burner: A burner in which combustion air is supplied by a blower

Free Area: The total minimum is of the openings in a grille

Freeze up: The formation of ice in the refrigerant control device which may stop the flow of refrigeranant into the evaporator. 2- Frost formation on a coil may stop the airflow through the coil.

Freezing: Change of state from liquid to solid.

Freezing Point: The temperature at which a liquid will solidify upon removal of heat.

Freon: Trade name for a family of synthetic chemical refrigerants manufactured by DuPont, Inc.

Frequency: The number of complete cycles in a nuti of time

Friction Head: In a hydronic system, the loss in pressure resulting from the flow of water in the piping system.

Frost Back: Condition in which liquid refrigerant flow from evaporator into suction line.

Frost Free Refrigerator: A refrigerated cabinet which operates with an automatic defrost.

Full –Load Amperage (FLA): the amount of amperage an inductive load (motor) will draw at it full design load.

Furnace: That part of a warm air heating system in which combustion takes place.

Fuse: Electrical safety device consisting of strip of fusible metal in circuit which melts when the circuit is overloaded.

Fusible Plug: A plug or a mode with a metal of low melting temperature to release pressures in case of fire.

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