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E: symbol for volts

Eccentric: A circle or disk mounted off center on a shaft

Effective Area: Actual net flow area

Efficiency (electrical): A percentage value denoting the ration of power output to power in put.

Electric Field: A magnetic region in space.

Electric Heating: Heating system in which heat is produced from electrical resistance units.

Electrolyte: A solution of a substance (liquid or paste) that is capable of conducting electricity.

Electromagnet: A magnet created by the flow of electricity through a coil or wire

Electromotive Force: Abv. EMF; the difference in potential electrical energy between two points.

Electronics: Field of science dealing with electron devises and their uses

Electrostatic Filter: Type of filter which gives particles of dust electric charge

End Bell: End structure of electric motor which usually holds motor bearings

End Play: Slight movement of shaft along center line.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): Btu/hr of cooling produced per watt of electrical input.

Enthalpy: Total amount of heat in one pound of a substance.

Epoxy (Resins): A synthetic plastic adhesive.

EPR (Evaporation Pressure Regulator): An automatic pressure regulating valve to maintain a predetermined pressure in the evaporator.

Equalizer Tube: Device used to maintain equal pressure or equal liquid levels between tow containers.

Evaporation: A term applied to the changing of a liquid to a gas

Evaporative Condenser: A device which uses a water spray to cool a condenser

Evaporator: Part of a refrigerating mechanism in which the refrigerant evaporates and absorbs heat.

Evaporator, Dry Type: An evaporator into which refrigerant is fed from a pressure reducing device.

Evaporator Fan: Fan which moves air through the evaporator.

Evaporator Flooded: An evaporator containing liquid refrigerant at all times

Excess Air: Air which is in excess of that which is required for complete combustion of the gas

Exfiltration: Air flow outward through a room

Exhaust Opening: Any opening through which air is removed from a space.

Expansion Joint: A fitting or piping arrangement designed to relieve stress caused by expansion of piping.

Expansion Tank: (See Air Cushion Tank)

Expansion Valve: A device in refrigerating system which maintains a pressure difference between the high side and low side.

Expendable Refrigerant System: System which discards the refrigerant after it has evaporated.

Extended Surface: Heat transfer surface, one side of which is increased in area by the use of fins

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