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Back pressure: Pressure in low side of refrigeration systems: also called suction pressure or low side pressure.

Back Seat: The position of a service valve that is all the way counter-clockwise.

Ball Check Valve: Valve assembly call which permits flow of fluid in one section only.

Ball Valve: A valve in which modulation or shut –off is accomplished by a one quarter turn of a ball has an opening through it.

Barometer: Instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Baseboard: A terminal unit resembling the base trim of a house.

Battery: Two or more primary or secondary electrically inter-connected cells.

Baud lot Cooler: Heat exchanger in which water flow by gravity over the outside of the tubes or plates.

Bellows: Corrugated cylindrical container which moves pressures change.

Bending springs: Coil spring which is used to keep tube from collapsing while bending it

Bimetal Strip: Tow dissimilar metals with unequal expansion rates, welded together.

Bleed off: The continuous or intermittent wasting of a small-fraction of the water to a cooling tower to prevent the buildup of scale-forming chemicals.

Bleed Valve: Valve which permits a minimum fluid flow when valve is closed.

Blower: A centrifugal fan

Boiler Horsepower: The equivalent evaporation of 34.5 lb of water per hr from and a 212 F. This is equal to a heat output of 970.3x34.5 =33,475 Btu/h.

Boiling Temperature: Temperature at which a fluid changes from a liquid to a gas

Bore: Inside diameter of a cylindrical hole.

Bourdon Tube: Thin walled tube of circular shape, which tends to straighten as pressure inside is increased.

Brazing: Soldering with a filler material whose melting temperature is higher than 800F.

Break: Electrical discontinuity in the circuit generally resulting from the operation of a switch or circuit breaker.

Breaker Strip: Strip of plastic used to cover joint between outside case and inside liner of refrigerator.

Brine: Water saturated with chemical such as salt.

British thermal unit (Btu): Quantity of heat required to change temperature of one pound of a water one degree F.

Bull Head: The installation of a pipe tee in such a way that water enters (or leaves) the tee at both ends of the run (the straight through section of the tee) and leaves (or enters) through the side connection only.

Bunsen-Type Burner: A gas burner in which combustion air is premixed with the gas supply within the burner body before the gas burns on the burner port.

Burner: A device for the final conveyance of gas, or a mixture of gas and air, to the combustion zone.

Burnout: Accidental passage of high voltage through an electrical circuit or device which causes damage.

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